International Journal of Genetic Engineering and Recombination

Journal provides a medium for rapid publication of research and review articles that are original and can create an immediate impact on the ongoing research. Journal includes site specific recombination, recombination frequency and recombination hotspots as the major topics. Articles included in the journal can be original research article, review articles or short communication. Focus and Scope of the Journal • Gene patent • Genetically modified crops • Genetically modified food • Genetically modified organisms • Induced stem cells • Marker assisted selection • Paratransgenesis • Recombination frequency • Recombination hotspot • Four-gamete test • Independent assortment • Site-specific recombination • Site-specific recombinase technology


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Vol 3, No 1 (2017)

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Table of Contents


Foundations of Molecular Cloning – Past, Present and Future PDF
Tejas Dhoble 1-10
Patenting in Biotechnology PDF
Sreeremya Sasi 11-19
Piggy Bac Transposons PDF
Sreeremya Sasi 20-22
Collembola sp. – A Review PDF
Sreeremya Sasi 27-30
Sleeping Beauty Transposons PDF
Hemalatha R 23-26