International Journal of Plant Biotechnology

International journal of plant biotechnology is a comprehensive journal that covers all the topics of plant biotechnology, including plant physiology to plant tissue culture, from manipulation of plants to production of secondary metabolites under abiotic and biotic stress. Journal publishes recent advancement in the form of original research articles and review papers. Focus and Scope of the Journal • Transgenic Plants • Plant Production Science • Plant Genetics and Crop Improvement • plant physiology • plant breeding • Plant pathology • Modern molecular biology • Plant tissue culture • Molecular breeding • Manipulation of plants • Abiotic stress and biotic interactions • Plant Pathology • Recombinant DNA technology

Vol 5, No 1 (2019)

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Table of Contents


Bioremediation of Domestic Waste Water by Selected Aqua Plants PDF
Yash Jayant, Rahul Gupta 1-7
Complex Weed Flora Management in Irrigated Wheat Using Ready-Mix Post-Emergence Herbicides PDF
R.K. Mathukia, B.K. Sagarka, V.B. Bhalu, B.S. Gohil 8-12
Effective Utilization of Agriculture Waste PDF
Pooja Chauhan 13-17
Residue Management and Preceding Winter Crops on Root Characteristics, Weed Dynamics, Productivity, Nutrient Uptake and Profitability of Green Gram under Zero–till Semi-arid Condition PDF
Lal Prasad Amgain, Ajit Ram Sharma, Abhisek Shrestha 18-28
On the Role of Phytomelioration in Improving the Fertility of Degraded Soils in Azerbaijan PDF
Rae Z. H. Aliyev 29-31

ISSN: 2456–0162