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Extraction of carotenoids from algal biomass

Nivedita Patel, Nandan Trivedi


Modern society is facing problems in producing reliable renewable energy source. A mixed process of carotenoid extraction and producing biofuels from algal biomass offers an attractive application to promote renewable energy due to its accessible mass production. Algae, a simple aquatic plant, with extraordinary biological features is capable to be used in different ways. Algae is studied as an important feedstock for carotenoids to be used in food industries, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries and biofuels. Considering the nutraceutical properties and high value pigments of microalgae, this survey focuses on different carotenoids and micro algal species. Detailed study of carotenoid synthesis and some of the food products in which carotenoids are present is also interpreted. Furthermore different pigment extraction methods and enlightenment of future aspects of solvent selection from sustainable belongings is addressed in this paper. 


Algae, biofuels, carotenoids, Dunaliella bardawil, β-carotene, Soxhlet extraction

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