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Alkaliphilic Microbes: Distribution, Diversity and Applications

Anupama Prabhakarrao Pathak, Mukundraj Govindrao Rathod



Alkaliphiles are widely distributed in all domains of life viz. eubacteria, archaea and eukarya. Alkaliphilic microbes present in both near neutral and extreme habitats. These can grow vigorously and develop well at alkaline range of pH 8–10. About 63 alkaline lakes are present worldwide and there are only three mesmerizing crater lakes. Worldwide there are five alkaline soda lakes in Ethopia (Africa), six in Kenya and Tanzania (Africa), two in Russia (Asia) and Turkey (Asia), five in India (Asia), eleven in china (Asia), one in Mongolia (Asia), three in Hungary (Europe), eight in United States (North America), two in Canada (North America) and Mexico (North America), and one in Chile (South America) and Australia. Extracellular alkalozymes from alkaliphiles are known to have great industrial and environmental applications. In this mini-review selected industrially important alkalozymes from alkaliphiles and their geographical and phylogenetic distributions are discussed. Various applications of alkaliphilic microbes related with photographic, food, feed, dairy, detergent, pharmaceutical and leather industries are also discussed. 2-phenylamine, carotenoids, siderophores, cholic acid derivatives, organic acids, antibiotics, and enzyme inhibitors from alkaliphiles are important bioactive molecules and useful in biotechnological industries. The continuous search of alkaliphiles from various habitats is necessary to isolate the novel species for variety of applications.

Keywords: alkaliphiles, soda lake, alkalozymes, protease, amylase, xylanase, cellulose

Cite this Article: Anupama Prabhakarrao Pathak, Mukundraj Govindrao Rathod. Alkaliphilic Microbes: Distribution, Diversity and Applications. International Journal of Industrial Biotechnology and Biomaterials. 2019; 5(2): 32–36p.

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