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Harvesting of Solar Energy in Nanotechnology

Tahir Iqbal, Momina Ashfaq, Tayyaba Arshad, Aqsa Tehseen, Almas Bashir


Nanotechnology is an impressive technology that resolved the energy related problem to provides a wide range of resources. Many appliances and increasing mechanism may be less as compared to 100 nm, for this purpose it provides an innovative tradition in the direction of storation, catch in addition to convert the power through different mechanism. The sun has an enormous quantity of a force that may be obtained from side to side the nuclear fusion. Basically, potential of solar oomph is much higher as compared to other sources of energy. The solar collector, fuel cell, photocatalyst, solar photovoltaics are used the nanomaterial and nanotechniques by improve an effectiveness, but dye-sensitized planetary cell is most appropriate method to obtained solar energy by the process of photo-electrochemical process. The three generations of lunar cells acting upon an imperative position for the exchange for stellar energy by using different nanomaterial. Basically the harvesting of solar energy is explained in three generations of solar cell by using nanomaterials. At the end, the basic conclusion for the production of solar energy in nanotechnology is attributed, as well as it has huge application of it that is used in many daily life applications and in many equipment used as a source.

Keywords: Nanotechnology, solar energy, solar cell, nano-wires, nano fluid, nano composites, carbon nanotubes.

Cite this Article: Tahir Iqbal, Momina Ashfaq, Tayyaba Arshad, Aqsa Tehseen, Almas Bashir. Harvesting of Solar Energy in Nanotechnology. International Journal of Industrial Biotechnology and Biomaterials. 2019; 5(2): 15–26p.

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