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Solid Waste Management

Ashay Patil, Rachana Patel


At presently every day, we are confronting an issue with respect to the administration of waste produced on a daily basis. This includes solid waste from commercial zone, industrial zone and residential zone. Among all these, waste administration from the private zone requires urgent action because in such cases this waste is not legitimately arranged every day. At this point it will cause issues to general well being. This paper gives the present status of strong waste administration on dumping ground in Mumbai area and furthermore proposes a few strategies to control the equivalent. Pressing strides towards this path will lessen the water, air and soil contaminations and well being risks also. Keywords: Dumping , reuse, solid, waste, storage. Cite this Article: Ashay Patil, Rachana Patel. Solid Waste Management. International Journal of Industrial Biotechnology and Biomaterials. 2019; 5(1) 29–35p.

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