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Citrus Greening: A Molecular View

B. Thapa, A. Shrestha


Citrus greening, response for citrus decline up to 50% and first reported in Pokhara valley. Visual Symptom observation become tedious and time taking whereas similar symptoms may occurs due to micro-nutrient deficit so, molecular technique become more reliable and cost effective in detection of citrus greening. Advancement in disease diagnosis demand needed for accuracy and cost effective, but developing countries are unable to approaches for lab based. But government should have to push for molecular diagnosis before the external symptoms occurrence, to prevent the Citri-culture and promotes successful management strategies. There are several ways of preventing this devastating disease, most is controlling the vector population in Nepal.

Keywords: citrus greening, citrus decline, vector, Citri-culture, Diaphornia citri, HLB

Cite this Article: B. Thapa, A. Shrestha. Citrus Greening: A Molecular View. International Journal of Genetic Engineering and Recombination. 2019; 5(2): 30–38p.

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