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Molecular Approaches for the Improvement for Sugarcane Crops: A Future Perspective in Nepal

Abhishek Shrestha, Bharti Thapa


Sugarcane as a sugar crop widely grown in the tropical and sub-tropical region faced mush problem politically and industrially in Nepal. Farmer is paid less, and their profit becomes less as per their investment and uses low yielding varieties with low sucrose content and less tillering ability. The traditional breeding limit in the narrow genetic base through hybridization so further increment it their quality is only possible by a biotechnological intervention. This study suggests about future perspective of modern breeding technique that Nepal can adopt in coming days. Development and application of biotechnology can only improve the cane quality and solve the climate-resilient. So, this paper provides the future pathway, potentials and information for the breeder to emphasize molecular breeding.

Keywords: Sugarcane, industrial, modern breeding, cane quality, Biotechnology

Cite this Article: Abhishek Shrestha. Bharti Thapa. Molecular Approaches for the Improvement for Sugarcane Crops: A future perspective in Nepal. International Journal of Genetic Engineering and Recombination. 2019; 5(2): 10–19p.

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