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Genetic Variability, Heritability and Correlation Analysis in Quantitative Traits of Irrigated Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Shiva Acharya, Abhisek Shrestha, Narayan Acharya, Ankur Poudel, Suvarna Acharya


A study was carried out to assess the genetic variability among the genotypes, correlation among traits and heritability of the traits to next generation. Eight rice genotypes were evaluated in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replications during Kharif (June-October) 2017 in experimental field of Lamjung Campus, Sundarbazaar, Lamjung, Western Nepal. The analysis of variance revealed statistically significant differences for all the traits under studied, which showed the presence of genetic variability among the genotypes except ineffective tiller per m2. The higher value of GCV and PCV was recorded for grain per panicle, filled grain per panicle, harvest index and grain yield. The PCV value was observed higher than the GCV value which indicated the influence of environment on the expression of the traits. High heritability along with high genetic advance as percent of mean was observed for grain per panicle, panicle length, harvest index and grain yield. However, high heritability along with moderate genetic advance as percent of mean was observed for days to 50% flowering, 1000 grain weight and plant height. The effective tiller per m2, harvest index,grain per panicle and filled grain per panicle exhibited significant and positive correlation with grain yield. Plant height and ineffective tiller perm2 exhibited negative correlation with grain yield. Grain per panicle, harvest index and grain yield could be suitable traits for selection of the rice genotypes.

Keywords: correlation, genetic advance, genetic variability, heritability, Oryza Sativa

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