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Cellular and Genetic Aspects of Coronavirus: A Review

Sugandha Asthana, Kush Chopra, Dolly Sharma, Ritambhara Bhutani, Divya Singh


Coronavirus has become global threat due to its human to human infectious nature. This RNA virus is known as second cousin of SARS. This enzootic infectious nature of virus has opened the numerous opportunities to study its structure. After the study the SARS, CoVs has its own importance in understanding of cellular and molecular biology of the virus. The different studies have been done to understand the cell to cell transmission of virus, pathogenesis of infection in the immune system of human and its possible treatment. The review article has briefly explained the recent research on Coronavirus. According to the study analysis, article has concluded that with the in-depth knowledge of CoVs RNA transcription and virion packaging can lead to the possible treatment strategies of the infection. Some approaches like, recombinant vaccines, live attenuated vaccines and antibodies recombination etc. are already under the clinical trials.

Keywords: coronavirus, SARS, cell to cell interactions, RNA, respiratory infection, genome

Cite this Article: Sugandha Asthana, Kush Chopra, Dolly Sharma, Ritambhara Bhutani, Divya Singh. Cellular and Genetic aspects of Coronavirus: A Review. International Journal of Cell Biology and Cellular Processes. 2019; 5(2): 39–50p.

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