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Isolation and Characterisation of Amylase Inhibitor

N. B. Mehetre, Ashwini V. Jadhav, D. B. Mehetre


Diabetes mellitus is a type of disorder of multiple aetiology which is related to the metabolism, symptoms of which include hyperglycaemia followed by the disturbance in the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fat. This abnormality may occur due to unusual insulin secretion or insulin action or both. The effect of diabetes mellitus includes long term damage, dysfunction and failure or various organ’s.
-amylase is saccharide degrading inherent in living body that controls the diabetes mellitus and keep the blood glucose level to its threshold level, without affecting to any normal body mechanism. Thus
-amylase performs an important role as a digestive enzyme for carbohydrate in the body and control of glucose in blood. In general, medicine is usually an intermixture of various chemical components and exert some side effect caused by prolong dosage. Plant derived extract contains some chemical substances i.e. secondary metabolites that have the ability to inhibits
-amylase present in saliva and are easily applied to food, drugs and medicine These inhibitors inhibit the activity of

Keywords: metabolic disorder, amylase inhibitor, Gymnema sylvestre, non-ketotic, blood glucose level, hyperglycemia, GLUT proteins

Cite this Article: Ashwini V. Jadhav, N.B. Mehetre, D.B. Mehetre. Isolation and Characterisation of Amylase Inhibitor. International Journal of Cell Biology and Cellular Processes. 2019; 5(2): 30–34p.

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