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Variables affecting the sensitivity of Voice Based Recognition systems in Neuro-typical Adults and Persons with Communication Disorder

Abhishek B.P., Navya Belpu, Brunda Raj, Jahnavi A.


Voice based recognition systems is advent of technology. This has facilitated the process of communication and has made access easier even for persons with communication disorders. The study was carried with out with aim of exploring the sensitivity of voice based recognition systems to different voices. The participants were divided into two groups. The first group comprised of 40 neuro typical participants in the age range of 20-65 years, while the second group comprised of 15 persons with communication disorders (5 each with stuttering hoarse voice and dysarthria). Neuro typical participants performed better compared to persons with communication disorders. Younger group of participants performed better than the older participants. Persons with voice disorders could execute the commands better than persons with stuttering and dysarthria

Keywords : Communication, Disorders, Sensitivity, Dysarthria

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