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Histablock indeed imprison mast cell from degranulation

Amruthavalli G.V, Aruna V., Gayathri R.


Allergy is a result of immune response of our body to any foreign antigen. Histamine is released during this process. Anti-allergic drugs work against the histamine and neutralize the histamine activity. Histablock tablet is a proprietary siddha drug indicated for allergic skin problems. In the present study Histablock is evaluated for the neutralization of histamine. Mast cells are cultured along with Substance P to trigger histamine release in control group. In test group mast cells are incubated along with substance p and Histablock tablet. The results showed the histamine inhibition in the test group. Complete details are presented in the paper.

Key words: Histablock, Histamine, Mast cell degranulation

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