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New Trends In The Treatment Of Brain Tumours By Using Nanotechnology

Tayyaba Laraib, Tahir Iqbal, Mohsin Ijaz


This review provides new opportunities in the extensive field of nanotechnology with exceptional attention in the treatment of high-quality brain tumours. In this review, we will discuss the new approaches and development in the treatment of brain tumour. There are some methods for the treatment of brain tumour in which very low probabilities of efficiency of healthy cell and tissues. The nanoparticles such as: polymeric nanoparticles, gold nanoshells and liposomes are used to cure brain tumours which have unique properties and ability to modify their surface with antibodies and increase their bio distribution. These particles have the features to transfer large doses of medicinal agents into target and escaping healthy tissues.

Keyword: Biotechnology; Nanotechnology; Target Treatment, Brain tumour

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