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Evaluation of Chromosomal Aberrations in Bone Marrow Cells of Profenofos-Treated Swiss Albino Mice

Manisha Kumari, Rohit Kumar Verma, Prabhat Kumar Roy


The aim of the present investigation was to evaluate profenofos genotoxicity in metaphasic chromosomes of bone marrow cells of female swiss albino mice. Six-week-old mice were put into different groups (six mice per group) and treatments were done according to experimental two doses of pesticides (viz. PLD15 i.e. Profenofos lower dose=3 mg/ml or 3000 ppm; and PHD30 i.e. Profenofos higher dose= 8 mg/ml or 8000 ppm) that were administrated for 15 and 30 days to two different groups of mice. Genotoxicity of pesticide was assessed in bone marrow cells of mice using chromosomal aberration assay. The result reveals that the frequency of chromosomal abnormalities, i.e. structural and numerical changes, occurred to a statistical accepted level in both treatment groups. Higher exposure had somewhat more impact in comparison to lower dose treatment.

Keywords: bone marrow cells, genotoxic, profenofos, Swiss albino mice
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