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The policies and processes involved in the establishment of household fish farming in Nepal

Abhimanyu Shrestha, Puja Banmali, Samantha Farquhar, Abhisek Shrestha


In Nepal, the government has been increasing its effort to raise household food and economic security. This has been done through the promotion and support of aquaculture activities. However, aquaculture is growing and very popular in some regions of Nepal, while the other areas are not as familiar with aquaculture practices and the support the government will provide. This poster explains the policies and processes involved for households that want to take part in aquaculture with support of the Nepali government. Essentially, the process can be identified in four steps: (1) The family visits a District Agriculture Office or Government Research Station and submits an application of interest; (2) A subject matter specialist will visit the proposed area and perform a feasibility study; (3) If the area is viable, the subject matter specialist will create a plan for the aquaculture system; (4) Lastly, the subject matter specialist will help connect the farmer to trainings and financial assistance to ensure implementation. This study hopes to contribute to the expansion of aquaculture in Nepal by making this information more transparent and publicly available.
Keywords: fish farming, household, policies, aquaculture

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