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Potential Probiotics – Pains and Gains: A Review

Akanksha Saxena, Yuvika Rajrana


Probiotics are living microorganisms that promote the health of the host by improving the microflora. Probiotic microorganism have become more and more widespread in the last 20 years as a results of the endlessly increasing scientific evidences that enlighten their helpful effects on human health. As a result, they need to be used as a food supplement. Recently, the contribution of probiotics to modulate immunologic, metabolic process, and gastro-intestinal (GI) functions began to be appreciated and scientifically evaluated. Currently, very few of physicians have either little knowledge of probiotics or perceive their potential relevancy to patient care. The present study aims to present a review of recent trends in probiotics, specifying their potential benefits and risks.


Probiotics, benefits, risks, microorganism in probiotics

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