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Acute Diffuse Peritonitis in a Pregnant Buffalo

B.Soma Sekhar Reddy, B. Sudhakara Reddy, V. Manasa


A non descriptive breed of buffalo with 8 months of gestation was referred to the clinic with clinical manifestations like anorexia, fever, stiff gait and oedema at inter mandible region, brisket and ventral abdomen. Animal exhibited tachycardia, tachypnoea, pain while deep palpation at ventral abdomen and a positive response to ferroscope examination. Haemato-biochemical analysis revealed anaemia, leucopaenia with degenerative shift to left, neutrophilia and elevated protein levels. Peritoneal fluid analysis revealed neutrophils and high protein content. Therefore, this was diagnosed as acute diffuse peritonitis and treated with antibiotic along with supportive therapy.


Buffalo, traumatic reticuloperitonitis, peritoneal fluid, ferroscope, band cells

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