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Review on: Marker Assisted Selection in Common Bean Breeding for Disease Resistance

Mohammed Sitote Ebrahim, Zeleke W.


Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L) is the most important food legume consumed worldwide and an important source of human dietary protein, calories, vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy community. Marker-assisted selection is one of the breeding methods, which involves selection of plants carrying genomic regions that are involved in the expression of traits of interest through molecular markers. The method (MAS) becomes possible for traits governed by major genes as well as qualitative trait loci, with the development and availability of molecular markers as well as dense molecular genetic maps in crop plants. Breeders have been used MAS in the improvement of common bean plants for different common bean diseases. Among these, the development of common bean lines for Angular leaf spot and CBB through the application of MAS, the identification of two ANT R genes and identification of genetic resistance to both poty viruses (BCMV & BCMNV) as well as several new cultivars with different combinations of rust resistance genes have been released.


Phaseolus vulgaris L., marker assisted selection, quantitative trait loci, molecular marker, genotype-based selection

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