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Smart Medical Devices for Health Care

Vaishnavi Dubey


Technologies in pharmaceuticals and medicine are continuously improving with aiming that people live longer and fewer diseases are deemed incurable. Evolution of technology is beneficial for society as it helps to treat the ill people and save many lives. Many physical agents as sound, heat, pressure and light have been used to diagnose and treat diseases. Advanced gene editing technology CRISPR, Telehealth, Health wearable, Visual reality, 3D printing, artificial organs, wireless brain sensors, robotic surgery, blue tooth enabled smart inhalers are available as smart medical devices, A variety of imagine techniques, nuclear medicines etc. are used in medical science. Minimally invasive surgeries, better monitoring systems and more comfortable scanning equipment are allowing patients to spend less time in recovery. The study is based on smart medical devices as now scientific knowledge lead to new applications which is beneficial for our society. It is also essential to develop awareness towards these types of smart devices for each people of our society so one can gain benefit of these.


Pharmaceutical, smart devices, health care

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