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Comparison of Local and Global Sequence Alignment of Trypsin Protein

Ritambhara Bhutani, Dolly Sharma, Divya Singh


alignment algorithms are used to identify homologous protein and nucleotide sequence having common ancestors. Homologous proteins are defined as two protein sequence of different animals have similar structure and function. The sequence comparison tools has been used since past 0 years and are proved to be most reliable and sensitive methods because of more accurate statistical estimates. With the advancement of technologies, sequence alignment methods are becoming more popular due to their coverage of large databases, important for distinguishing the similarities between homology and analogy. In the paper we have used Needleman algorithm for global alignment and Smith and Waterman algorithm for local sequence alignment of protein sequences similarities and done the comparison between them.

Keywords: local alignment, global alignment, Needleman, trypsin, Water and Smith

Cite this Article: Dolly Sharma, Ritambhara Bhutani, Divya Singh. Comparison of Local and Global Sequence Alignment of Trypsin Protein. International Journal of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. 2019; 5(2): 22–25p.

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