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Minerals, Cholesterol and Purine Content of Some Commonly Consumed Pepper Soups among Nigerians

Mustapha R. A., Rowland-Ayodele M.A., Bolajoko O. O., Olatunji I. I., Ilepe O. A.


This study evaluates the mineral, cholesterol and purine content in some commonly consumed pepper soups among Nigerian. Three types of pepper soup ingredients were procured which include goat meat, catfish and chicken, prepared according to standard methods of preparation. The soup samples i.e. Catfish pepper soup (CFPS), Chicken pepper soup (CHPS) and Goat meat pepper soup (GMPS) were mashed and packaged separately. Each sample was subjected for mineral, cholesterol and purine determination using chemical analysis according to AOAC. Findings show that the minerals, cholesterol and purine contents of the samples were significantly different from one another (P˂0.05). The chicken pepper soup has appreciable amount of potassium 4526.6 mg. The goat meat pepper soup has appreciable amount of zinc and iron contents which are 16.73 mg and 14.88 mg respectively compare with the catfish and chicken pepper soup, Although the zinc content of chicken pepper soup was able to meet up with the RDA in adult women (8 mg) but insufficient in adult men (11 mg). The samples were high in cholesterol and purine content, this connote a limitation to its excess intake and when taken in excess it might leads to diseases like gout, atherosclerosis, hypertension, renal diseases and all the likes. Therefore, all Nigerian consumers of pepper soup should ensure not to take it in excess or daily, although, the consumption of goat meat pepper soup pose less risk of gout compared with catfish and chicken pepper soup if the soup is not taken daily and with alcohol, because alcohol increase the breakdown of uric acid in the body.

Keywords: pepper soup, catfish, chicken, goat meat, cholesterol, purine, minerals, nigerians, analytical, uric acid, body

Cite this Article: Mustapha R.A., Rowland-Ayodele M.A., Bolajoko O.O., Olatunji I.I., Ilepe O.A. Minerals, Cholesterol and Purine Content of some Commonly Consumed Pepper Soups among Nigerians. International Journal of Biochemistry and Biomolecules. 2019; 5(2): 12–19p.


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