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Fornacite, Orotic Acid, Rhamnetin, Sodium Ethyl Xanthate (SEX) and Spermine (Spermidine or Polyamine) Nanomolecules Incorporation into the Nanopolymeric Matrix (NPM)

Alireza Heidari


In the current editorial, we study fornacite, orotic acid, rhamnetin, sodium ethyl xanthate and spermine (spermidine or polyamine) nanomolecules’ (Figure 1) incorporation into the nanopolymeric matrix by immersion of the nanopolymeric-modified electrode as molecular enzymes and drug targets for human cancer cells, tissues and tumors treatment under synchrotron and synchrocyclotron radiations.

Keyword: Fornacite, Orotic Acid, Sodium Ethyl Xanthate, Spermine, Rhamnetin, Nanopolymeric Matrix (NPM), Nanomolecules.

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